Why Women Talk Less

Originally posted on language: a feminist guide:
This week on Newsnight, Evan Davis talked to three women about all-male panels—a subject made topical by the recent popularity of a tumblr set up to name and shame them. Why, he asked, are women so often un- or under-represented in public forums? Are they reluctant to put themselves forward? Are they deterred by the adversarial nature of the proceedings? The women offered some alternative suggestions. Women don’t get asked, or if they do it’s assumed you only need one. Women aren’t seen as experts, unless the subject is a ‘women’s issue’. The… Continue reading Why Women Talk Less

What the hell is a Socrates’ Round Table?

If you are reading this, then you are one of the first people to see my blog, Socrates’ Round Table. You are probably wondering a few things right now; what the hell is a Socrates’ Round Table? Who came up with such a unique blog title? What is this blog about? What even is a blog? Am I awake right now, or is this a dream? What even is a dream? Well, rest assured that this is not in fact a dream and that your answers will be answered…unless you are dreaming, in which case keep on dreaming, especially if … Continue reading What the hell is a Socrates’ Round Table?